Frequently Asked Questions
What is Red Bull MOBILE?
Where am I able to buy Red Bull MOBILE?
What happens when I choose a number?
What happens if I don't pick up my SIM card once it is ready?
Why should I choose a number online?
Does choosing a number online cost me anything?
Are there any commitments made when choosing a number?
Should I choose a number online even if I do not care about the actual number?
Does a silver number cost extra?
Can I choose more than one number online?
I have not received an SMS with an OTP ?
I have not received a confirmation SMS of my booking?
What if I want to port-in my existing number from another operator?
What does Active Red Bull MOBILE Member mean?
My number didn't transfer to Red Bull MOBILE – what should I do?
How is the coverage of Red Bull MOBILE?
Can I call international numbers with Red Bull MOBILE?
Can I use Red Bull MOBILE in other countries than Oman?
What does unlimited WhatsApp text mean?
What does Social Data mean?
What happens if I run out of Social Data?
What does Open data mean?
What happens if I run out of Open Data?
What does unlimited Red Bull TV streaming mean?
You are saying unlimited SMS and unlimited on-net calls? Is this really true?
Is there a Red Bull MOBILE app and how do I download it?
Can I download the Red Bull MOBILE App without having a Red Bull MOBILE SIM card?
If I ran out of credit can I still get access to the Red Bull experiences?
How do I get in touch with you?
How can I recharge my Red Bull MOBILE plan?
What types of Red Bull MOBILE plans exist?
Is Red Bull MOBILE also selling phones?
How do I check how much data I still have left?
Account charged for 50bz after changing the SIM card in my iPhone, without the use of any services
What is Value Added Tax?
When will VAT come into effect and at what rates?
Is it compulsory to pay VAT?
Is Red Bull MOBILE also subject to VAT and what is its Registration Number?
How will Red Bull MOBILE’s prepaid subscribers be subject to VAT?
Do I need to pay VAT when I recharge my Red Bull MOBILE SIM card through the EVD, Dealer App of Customer App?
If I buy a new prepaid Red Bull MOBILE SIM, will I be subject to VAT?
Is VAT added to the price of the bundles I purchase from the EVD, USSD Menu or Customer App?
What is FUP on Unlimited RBM Calls?

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