Frequently Asked Questions
What is Red Bull MOBILE?
Where am I able to buy Red Bull MOBILE?
What happens when I choose a number?
What happens if I don't pick up my SIM card once it is ready?
Why should I choose a number online?
Does choosing a number online cost me anything?
Are there any commitments made when choosing a number?
Should I choose a number online even if I do not care about the actual number?
Does a silver number cost extra?
Can I choose more than one number online?
I have not received an SMS with an OTP ?
I have not received a confirmation SMS of my booking?
What if I want to port-in my existing number from another operator?
What does Active Red Bull MOBILE Member mean?
My number didn't transfer to Red Bull MOBILE – what should I do?
How is the coverage of Red Bull MOBILE?
Can I call international numbers with Red Bull MOBILE?
Can I use Red Bull MOBILE in other countries than Oman?
What does unlimited WhatsApp text mean?
What does Social Data mean?
What happens if I run out of Social Data?
What does Open data mean?
What happens if I run out of Open Data?
What does unlimited Red Bull TV streaming mean?
You are saying unlimited SMS and unlimited on-net calls? Is this really true?
Is there a Red Bull MOBILE app and how do I download it?
Can I download the Red Bull MOBILE App without having a Red Bull MOBILE SIM card?
If I ran out of credit can I still get access to the Red Bull experiences?
How do I get in touch with you?
How can I recharge my Red Bull MOBILE plan?
What types of Red Bull MOBILE plans exist?
Is Red Bull MOBILE also selling phones?
How do I check how much data I still have left?
Account charged for 50bz after changing the SIM card in my iPhone, without the use of any services

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