Looking to stay connected with friends?

If you already are a Red Bull MOBILE member, you can grow the community by inviting your friends to join you in experiencing the World of Red Bull together. You will get 1GB of data added for every friend who joins the community within your active plan.

The best part? Your friend will also get 1GB of extra data by activating his or her new Red Bull MOBILE SIM card. The more of your friends who join, the more bonus data you get! That means 1GB for each active member who joins using your promo code.

Everything is better shared together, so let's get into it:

Already a Red Bull MOBILE Member?
  • Open your Red Bull MOBILE app.
  • Go to the “More” menu.
  • Tap on “Invite a Friend.”
  • Choose the messenger app of your choice, select your friends, and pick who you want to invite to our community.
New Red Bull MOBILE Member (Invitee)?
  • You will receive your friend's invite message with a promo code and link.
  • Use the link to sign up and book your new Red Bull MOBILE number.
  • Collect and activate your Red Bull MOBILE SIM card.
  • Once the registration is complete and the SIM card activated, the 1GB bonus data will be added to both of your plans.

Enjoy your bonus data on us and WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY with endless benefits!

Frequently asked questions

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    Your bonus data is sent within five minutes from when the new member SIM card has been activated. If you do not receive an SMS informing you that your bonus data has been added, please call us at our service center number 1600 or check your app.

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    For existing members, bonus data validity is 30 days from the time the new member joins the community (purchases and activates the new SIM card).

    For new members, bonus data validity follows the validity of the membership plan (30 days).

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    The bonus data usage begins after the data included in your membership plan has been consumed.

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    When your plan expires, any unused bonus data will be carried forward with your next membership plan renewal, and within 30 days from the date a new member joins. For example: if you consumed 0.5GB from the 1GB bonus data, then the remaining 0.5GB will be carried forward into your next plan subscription.

    During a period of no active plan subscription, the bonus data will be unavailable (i.e., you must have an active plan membership subscription to use the bonus data within 30 days from the date a new member joins).

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    Active and available membership plans are listed here

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    Yes, for those who complete the number porting process and activate any of the membership plans. You need to redeem the code shared in your friend’s invitation message via the “Promo Code” option in the Red Bull MOBILE app. Go to More menu -> Promo Code -> enter the promo code -> and tap on Redeem. Upon successful redemption, both parties will receive the benefits.

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    If the promo code is not used during the sign-up process or the promo code for ported numbers, both will not be eligible to benefit from the bonus data offer.

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    Yes, you can share your invitation message with every messaging or email app supported by your phone. You can share the link as often and to as many friends you like, but make sure your friend uses your promo code.

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    One. As an invitee, you can register one SIM card per ID per promo code.

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    You will always be able to invite friends and grow your community. However, the extra data bonus offer may change from time to time. But don't worry! We will be keeping you posted.


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