Privacy Policy 

Majan Telecommunication LLC (Majantelis committed to protecting and respecting your privacy on the World Wide Web through its service under the brand name of Red Bull MOBILE. Protection of your private data is one of the yardsticks of our success. 

Why we collect your information? 

Our primary aim to collect the personal information about you is to provide you with smooth, efficient, and personalized experience while you use our web services. Providing us with your data allows us to present you with customized features and services that most likely meet your needs. 


How we collect your information? 

    1. Online registration form 
    1. Existing records 

What includes Personal Identifiable Information? 

Personal information held by Majantel includes your name, date of birth, present/permanent address, your contact number, personal email address and your username and password uploaded in the RBM website or Red Bull MOBILE App. We also hold details of your RBM services including their status as well as certain details about your interest. 

How we use your personal information? 

We use personal identifiable information, both contact and supplementary, to enhance our website as well as part of promotion and marketing drive. We also use personal info for statistical analysis of usage of the site to enable us to improve site contents, layout, customization of offerings on products and services. 


We use your personal information to send you responses to online queries on social media or comments and any update on Forum that you have requested. Respecting our users, we also provide an opt-out option. 


We request your information on the website as we hold competition as a part of our promotional drive time-to-time. Updated personal information helps us to notify the result and winner of the competition via email or phone or any other contact medium. 

Disclosure to Third Parties 

As a general proposition Majantel does not sell, trade, rent or release any personally identifiable information about you to any third party. We, however, reserve the right to disclose about you to Law Enforcement or Judiciary at our discretion if deemed necessary or appropriate in connection to any investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement or other activity that is illegal or may expose you to legal liability. 

Change of Privacy Policy 

Majantel reserves the right to add, change or modify the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. If we make any material changes in our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice or notify via email in case the user prefers to opt for personal communication before changes go into effect, on our web site notifying users of the change. In case we choose to use your personal information other than the manner stated at the time of collecting information, you will be appropriately informed beforehand. You reserve the right in such case to decline to let us use the information. 




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